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I am a Toronto-based ACTRA voiceover artist, mom, and gamer who sings and speaks with plucky pep and remarkable diction—imagine a Disney Princess who time-warped into a millennial girl next door! I offer crisp, youthful, and energetic voiceovers in a friendly, consistent, and enthusiastic manner. My sound is perfect for characters in videogames and animation, as well as confident and conversational advertisements and explainers. My goal is to inspire the listener to immerse themselves in a story, live in another world, and believe what they hear.

Characters include a blind assassin, a worried ingenue, a bank employee turncloak, a hotshot hero, a blood-thirsty warrior, a gruff mushroom grower, a cocky sharp-shooter, a celtic romantic, a mysterious opportunist, and a lab assistant under attack.

Clips include a natural and conversational eye surgery ad, a confessional and cute breakfast cereal ad, an upbeat and energetic kids event promo, an amusing and animated streaming ad, and a friendly and attractive dialogue for a real estate company.

Characters include a tough little boy, a sweet young girl, a British Queen, an innocent child, a brash cop, a cheeky clerk, a buck-toothed rascal, an unhinged Martini Mom, and a demonic teen!

A clear, natural, and youthful narrative sound. Clips include a segment on the blushing tell, and an insight into the world of Faeries.

A soprano sound ranging from a full, biting chest belt in a country tune, to a light, youthful head voice in a music theatre style solo, as well as a self-harmonizing 50's jingle and an Italian operatic aria.

Over a year working on Voices.com with 40+ credits in videogames, online explainers, web and radio advertisements, animation, and various other projects. Download PDF resume

Shure SM7B Mic, Focusrite Clarett 2Pre, Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator, Mac OSX, Logic Pro X. Recordings are in 48 kHz and can be delivered in WAV, MP3, or AIFF format via Voices.com, email, Google drive, or any other ways we can negotiate!

John Stocker Coaching
Gravy For the Brain Online Courses
Such A Voice Webinar
Great Big Voices Cartoon Workshops with Sunday Muse
Pirate Voice Commercial Coaching with Tracey Hoyt
Ten years as a professional musical theatre performer
Vocal - Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jeffrey Huard, Elaine Overholt, Micah Barnes, Beth Faulkner, Betty Ford
Valedictorian graduate of Sheridan College Music Theatre Performance Program